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At EXCLAIM we pride ourselves on not being your typical agency. Yes, we know that agencies typically claim that they’re not your typical agency, but we’re even less typical than that.

So what makes us so unusually atypical?
For starters, a typical agency is motivated by money. At EXCLAIM, we’re motivated by helping our clients reach their goals through excellent creative work and service. (There’s more money in that).

We also take a highly collaborative approach to our work. That means we know that two heads are better than one, three heads can be better than two, and four heads are a double date. But mostly it means that we recognize the expertise and value that our clients bring to the table, as much as our own.

Next, we do have a bit of an attitude. We swear a little. We make inappropriate jokes. And we cheer whenever a truck hits the low overpass outside our office. In short, we try to make work fun, in the hopes that the result will put a smile on your face too.

But more than anything, at EXCLAIM we’re uncommonly committed to helping you meet or exceed your goals. Whatever it takes.

Browse enough agency websites and you’ll learn a lot of buzzwords, but very little about their actual philosophy. At EXCLAIM, our philosophy can be boiled down to two words:

Be genuine.

We don’t just mean be genuine in the “be honest” sense. We mean it in the “be stubbornly committed to doing what’s right for our clients and their brand” sense.

Sound simple? It isn’t. To be truly genuine in this business takes discipline, dedication, and focus. It means being passionate about our clients’ success and constantly seeking new ways to enable it. Asking difficult questions and doggedly pursuing elusive answers. And it means having the fortitude to question assumptions, especially our own.

It’s genuinely hard. But the results—brands and messages that speak to real customer needs—are genuinely worth it.

team leadership
John Schuler- owner/creative director

star players
Leslie Cohan- account director/director of public relations
Michelle Stewart- senior art director
Eleanor Englund- account coordinator
Deanna Waters- account director
Leslie Frederick- number wrangler
Aggie McDougal- chief love officer

At EXCLAIM we’re as much a family as a business. There’s always laughter in the hallway, goodies in the kitchen. In short, we try to make work fun. In fact, Seattle Business Monthly named EXCLAIM #1 Small Business to Work For in Washington State in 2011.

But such an open, comfortable culture brings other benefits as well:

The free exchange of ideas enables smarter solutions for clients
When people are valued, they in turn value the business
No “elephant in the room” saves on carpet cleaning
At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, we at EXCLAIM can honestly say that we don’t just respect one another, but we also can genuinely stand to be around each other. Usually.